Webware Customer Story: Increased Traffic & Sales at Morningstar Trading

By Sarah York | | Tagged Customer Stories

Morningstar Trading, located in downtown Toronto, is a true gem in a world of mass-market furniture. Stepping through the door from one of Toronto’s busiest streets into Morningstar’s shop, you’re immediately immersed in the beauty and richness of India. With amazing woodwork, handicrafts, lavish and brightly coloured textiles, and the sweet scent of Nag Champa, Morningstar Trading helps you bring a piece of India home with you. 

John, who owns and runs this adorable furniture store, is passionate about the culture and traditions of India. He started traveling over 46 years ago to bring the vivid colours and fabrics of India to the Canadian market. After serving the fashion business for 25 years, John decided to take a leap into the furniture market. On each buying trip to India, John uses his discerning eye to bring back the best quality wood pieces, statues, textiles and other artisanal pieces for his customers. With the boom of condo development in Toronto, Morningstar also carries a generous selection of furniture designed to fit the smaller dimensions of modern condo living. 

Already a Well-Established Business, How Could Webware Help Morningstar?

After setting up and running a successful furniture business, John was eager to get Morningstar Trading online. He wanted to increase his sales and reach a broader audience. Even with the store’s amazing urban location, John felt he could still reach more customers and sell more furniture. That’s when we met John in his trendy, downtown Toronto store. 

When Webware first started working with John and Morningstar, we wanted to bring the same warm ambiance and influence of India from his store to his website. Webware designed and built a mobile-friendly website to reflect Morningstar’s vibrant personality and showcase their vast array of furniture. Webware also added a FaceTime feature to morningstartrading.ca to allow customers to call the store directly from the website. With one click, customers can be chatting face-to-face with John and his staff to ask any questions about their products.

Morningstartrading.ca helped create new business for John. They saw a dramatic increase in web traffic, foot traffic and sales after the website launch, without any marketing effort! Now that the website is live, we are working with John to further increase his traffic and sales with the addition of our Digital Services Package. 

At Webware, we love to see our customers succeed and we couldn’t be happier for John and his team at Morningstar Trading. Find a little (or big!) piece of India at morningstartrading.ca and bring the richness and romance of this colourful country into your home.