Customer Success Story: How Webware Helped GCI Network Grow to a $10M Business

By Sarah Windover | | Tagged Customer Stories

Established in 2011 by Firoz Khan and Cory York, GCI network began as a single destination to sell gift vouchers at Today, GCI Network has partnered with over 300 brands to empower its prepaid products within GCI's 100,000 point-of-sale distribution network. Over a period of time, from just a destination gift card store, GCI has evolved to create its own products, technology and distribution in the prepaid space. GCI offers its extensive catalogue of prepaid gift cards to several distribution partners across India.

How did GCI take its small, retail gift card business to one of the largest gifting networks in India? 

"The cumulative knowledge on digital business at Webware has not only helped me build this business successfully, but also scale it quickly; all without compromising on the user experience. What an online business needs most from its technology solution is agility and flexibility- Webware has come true on both fronts”.

-Firoz Khan, CEO 

GCI Network has partnered with Webware from day one as it’s technology provider. Webware enabled GCI to build this robust, gift card business using their technology platform and digital services team. GCI relies on Webware to provide an up-to-date, efficient ecommerce experience for its customers. Webware also provides a host of services to GCI like daily website management, blogging, and SEO services at affordable-for-small-business rates. 

GCI Network uses Webware to extend their team with the best people for the job with minimal overhead costs. GCI has minimal IT staff and relies on Webware for their complete website and digital service needs. Webware helped GCI Network grow from a retail website offering 20 gift card brands to one of the largest gift card networks in the country, managing over $10M USD in Sales. 

The Webware team has enjoyed watching GCI Network grow and we look forward to continued success together! 


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