Webware Customer Story: Creating a Lifestyle & Wellness Brand Website with Sitara Hewitt

By Sarah Windover | | Tagged Customer Stories

Sitara Hewitt is a Canadian film/tv actress and professional dancer, who you may remember from CBC’s tv show, Little Mosque on the Prairie (2007-2012). In addition to her acting career, Sitara also studies and practices healing therapies like traditional Chinese medicine, crystal healing, Ayurveda, meditation, Reiki, and energy healing. Her love for the healing arts has led her to be a meditation and life coach to inspire others to find and live their fullest lives.

“It is my mission to inspire each and everyone of you to discover your divinity: your perfectness, and your innate connection to all that is.”

Currently, Sitara is excited to be hosting a wellness segment for Kin Media and Fusia Magazine on YouTube. You can check it out here! She is also partnered with fitness brands and modelling for fitness photo shoots. 

Sitara had a website but felt it wasn’t communicating her brand and reaching potential clients in a way it could. On a recommendation from a friend, Sitara reached out to Webware and we were excited to build a website that truly reflected her brand values and allowed her to reach out to her community in a meaningful way. 

Sitara says, “I wanted to get a professional looking reach with my inspirational living message, so that I could help people and establish a unique, slick message of wellness in the market”.

Webware designed and built sitarahewitt.com with the aim of sharing Sitara’s wealth of wellness and healing information while maintaining a professional look and feel as she continues to grow her brand. To stay in touch, Sitara uses Webware’s blog to regularly update, inform and inspire her community. 



The end result is a clean, informative and soothing design. At sitarahewitt.com, you’ll find delicious recipes, workouts, wellness service offerings, Sitara’s health blog, and contact info. 

Describing her experience, Sitara says working with Webware to build her website was, “wonderful! They were helpful and professional and never turned down a request or suggestion of mine. Very reasonable for the price too..the site gets rave reviews!”

At Webware, we enjoyed working with Sitara to help her create a website that reflects her nurturing and positive spirit. We are thrilled she loves her website and encourage you to check it out at sitarahewitt.com .


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