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4 Tools Small Businesses can use to Boost Website Success

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The website for your small business is up and running, now what? Post launch, the goal of your website is to get more website visitors buying your business products or services. The marketing term for this process is called “conversion” and is measured by the conversion rate (percentage of web traffic that participates in your call-to-action). For example, how many website visitors entered their email addresses when prompted or clicked the “Buy Now” button. For more marketing terms explained, click here. 

Reviews, live chat support and email marketing campaigns are all proven ways to boost conversion by increasing customer’s trust and confidence. Here’s four awesome tools to help you increase and measure conversion rates in your website traffic: 

1. Yotpo

Eighty-eight percent of consumers take reviews into account on purchase decisions! (searchengineland.com) Positive reviews can close sales, increase overall spending and can also be a tie-breaker when deciding between establishments. Learn more about how your business can benefit from customer reviews on your website here.

Yotpo is a widget embedded into your website that allows customers to write reviews about your product or service. Beyond the review widget on your website, Yotpo offers a full review management system that goes above and beyond gathering reviews. “Yotpo leverages data science to get you more reviews”. It’s “smart algorithms” determine which products to request reviews for, when to reach out to customers to request a review, and when & how to remind customers to write a review. Check out Yotpo’s all inclusive review widget here. 

2. Zopim Live Chat

Did you know that 83% of customers require some type of support before completing an online purchase? (econsultancy.com) For both content and ecommerce websites, using chat to communicate with your customers in real time can be beneficial for your bottom line. 

Zopim is a leader among current live-chat applications available. They offer an easy to use chat widget with additional features depending on your needs. The backend dashboard allows you to setup and control triggers, view website analytics, and customise the look of your chat box. To learn more about why your website should offer live chat, click here. Check out Zopim Live Chat here.

3. MailChimp

Despite the huge influx of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, email is still the most consistently used digital communication tool. Email is 40 times more effective at acquiring new customers than Facebook or Twitter. (McKinsey) Your business can benefit from this by sending out marketing emails offering promotions, incentives, contests and creating a regular email newsletter. 

MailChimp is a great place to create your email newsletters & email marketing campaigns, store your email lists and track campaign results. Mail Chimp lets you easily design attractive, and effective emails to send to your customers. Check out what MailChimp has to offer here. 

4. Google Analytics 

Understanding who your customers are and how they use your website is an integral piece of the website success puzzle. Knowing things like specific demographics and page performance offers huge advantages to your business when creating marketing campaigns and increasing conversion rates. 

When it comes to website data, Google Analytics is the gold-standard for tracking and reporting on your business’s website. Google Analytics tracks and reports visitor data in a convenient dashboard allowing businesses to see new visitors to the website, returning visitors, how long each visitor spent on the website, which pages they viewed and their geographical location. You can also pull reports on specific page performance and traffic sources. Businesses can monitor marketing campaigns, conversion rates, keyword data and add e-commerce tracking. Google Analytics is a “freemium” (free with paid options) tool for monitoring the basic health and operation of any website and is a must for businesses. Learn more here.


Review widgets, live chat support and email marketing are all aimed at increasing customer confidence and trust. If your website visitors feel trusting and confident when they come to your website, they are much more likely to become paying customers. Consider adding these four tools to boost your website’s effectiveness and conversion rates.