Five Ways To Boost Your Visibility Online

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As more businesses join the online revolution, getting noticed on the internet has become tougher. If you’ve recently launched your website, you’ve probably experienced the same struggle. Besides the competition online, search engines like Google control what’s displayed to internet users. They use a special algorithm that ensures relevant results are displayed to people based on words used in their search queries or search terms.

To hack this algorithm and boost your digital presence, you may have come across search engine optimization (SEO). SEO involves a set of practices that help search engines recognize your content (online presence) and its relevance to specific search queries. The more relevant your content is to a search, and the more prominent your online presence is, the higher your ranking will be on Google.

However, one aspect most businesses fail to consider is that search engines change their algorithm regularly to improve search result quality. As a result, your SEO techniques must be tweaked from time to time to match the new ranking criteria.

To get you up-to-date with the latest SEO practices to help you rank better online, we’ve listed five ways to boost your visibility online.

1. Update website content.

The number one driver behind your Google ranking is quality content. But, to go from showing up somewhere in Google search results to ranking on the first page, it’s essential to enrich your content with keywords. (That is words or a collection of words which people use in search queries.) After researching the best keywords for your business, you need to place them throughout your website strategically. You can then conduct a website analysis to see which keywords get you traffic. Accordingly, you can update your website content through the addition of new pages with these keywords in focus.

While creating content for your website, make sure to avoid using keywords excessively (keyword stuffing), as Google could penalize your site. Adding genuine content that’s helpful to visitors can improve your site’s authority and relevance. Regularly updated website content is also viewed as an indicator of relevancy, and a website’s attempt to enhance the visitor experience.

2. Get listed in website directories.

Another way to improve your ranking is to leverage the popularity of online directories and review sites like Google My Business. As a popular directory, Google My Business helps people find businesses and enables businesses to be found. The website directory goes beyond basic website listing by allowing people to review and rate companies based on their experience. Besides reviews, there are more details that the Google directory puts on display. For example, when searching for CPAs in Toronto, Ontario, the Google results display a list of CPAs registered with Google My Business. These listings include reviews, addresses, contact details, timings, and a link to each business website. That way, people can find your business easily, get the gist of your operations, and communicate with you instantly.

Listing on other directories like Yelp, Angie’s List, and Whitepages works a bit differently. When people look for businesses like yours online, these directories may get listed in search results, and when clicked on they can lead people to websites listed in your industry.

3. Blog about what matters.

Blogs are a great way to get better listings on Google and stay relevant online. They give you the flexibility to use the same keywords multiple times as you can cover numerous topics related to your business in detail. 

The only challenge with blogging is selecting topics that provide content that is both informative and interesting. With the right topic, you can either inspire your readers or become a solution provider to innumerable people.

Unique and useful information is the kind of content people look for today as there are several blogs online with identical information in different packaging. To create unique content, your blogs should contain actionable details that readers can put into use and benefit from. The way you present your content matters too. Long-form blogs that are saturated with text can increase your ranking but also your bounce rate, which could negate the advantages of blogging.

4. Collect reviews from clients.

People need assurance that they are making the right choices when purchasing products and services, and company reviews and reputations play a significant part in this. Similarly, online reviews communicate to search engines the authority and trustworthiness of a website as Google wants to offer users the cream of the crop in its top results. Reviews from clients also help businesses improve their SEO as reviews contain valuable keywords. For this reason, it is vital to encourage clients to review your products and services online.

5. Understand website reports.

The primary purpose of website reports is to analyze what happens on your website. These reports tell you which keywords are bringing in the traffic, which web pages are performing the best, which blogs have the highest views, and also how visitors have accessed your website. All of these details are crucial as they help you see where to improve your SEO strategy. They indicate which keywords you need to focus on, what kind of content your audience enjoys, and which platforms you audience prefers using to learn more about you. With this information, you can then test new content strategies, AdWord campaigns, and other online promotions to redirect traffic from Google or other search engines to your website.

Setting up your SEO strategy

Now that you’re all caught up with the latest SEO hacks, it’s time to put them into practice to launch your online presence to the forefront of the industry. However, to boost your visibility through these practices, you must understand that they aren’t one time activities. Search engine optimization is a continuous process, irrespective of the methods you use. That means you must regularly dedicate time towards your SEO. To learn more about how to derive success for an SEO campaign, please read our previous blog by clicking here

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