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What is Social Commerce and Why should you care?

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What is Social Commerce and Why should you care

What is social commerce? It is a way for you to sell products and services directly to consumers through social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is a powerful way to enhance your e-commerce strategy and maximize your selling potential. As a leading provider of e-commerce and other digital marketing solutions, we understand the value of social commerce for our clients.

Yahoo! pioneered the term 'Social Commerce' back in 2005, revolutionizing the way we look at buying and selling goods online. Before this, social commerce was confined to setting up online shopping tools for your existing website. These tools included shared pick lists, ratings, user-generated content, sharing online product information, and more. They were focused on helping customers make more informed purchasing decisions on eBay, Amazon, etc.

Today, social commerce has evolved into a way for users to buy goods and services directly from the social media profiles of their favourite brands. Social commerce is much more interactive and engaging than before where previously the focus was on just being a facilitator.

How do social networks use Social Commerce to help marketers boost sales?

Facebook does this  via Facebook shop. Marketers can connect their e-commerce platform to Facebook or upload their product category manually. E-commerce platforms like BigCommerce help marketers easily sync their  product catalog with Facebook.

Instagram is also emerging as a very popular social commerce platform for marketers. Regardless of whether you are an e-commerce store or just a small business that sells online, Instagram's 'Checkout' will become your best friend. 'Checkout' lets people purchase directly from the app as they browse through pictures and videos without being redirected to another site.

Does Social Commerce offer anything else?

Technology is ever-changing, opening up new and exciting avenues for e-commerce that will translate to social commerce as well.

Technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality have been integrated with social commerce, enhancing customization and personalization. They help shoppers create a personal connection with products, visualize them in their lives, and provide more relevant feedback through your social channel.

We could very well see a virtual revolution in the coming years where users can simulate browsing for physical products in a store from the comfort of their home. Going to a store could soon be a thing of the past with users being able to test products and get the information they need directly online. Once they are ready to make their purchase, the products are conveniently delivered right to their door.
Travel companies are also experimenting with virtual reality and social commerce to sell holiday packages. A virtual tour of someone's ideal destination along with exciting travel deals can influence purchase decisions like never before. By showing travelers exactly what they will experience, whether it be a tropical cruise or scuba diving, you make it easier for them to picture themselves there already. This helps give them a positive impression of your brand and their future holiday before it even takes place, increasing the likelihood that they share their whole experience with others.

The Bottom Line

When done right, social commerce can have a powerful effect on your business' engagement, conversions, and sales. To make the best use of social commerce for your business and get the most out of your social channels, you need a trusted digital marketing partner like Webware.io to help reach your goals.

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