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Adapting Your Small Business Online Presence during COVID-19

By Webware.io | | Tagged Small Business Advice

With recent restrictions in Ontario, and then with the easing of those restrictions beginning on January 31, small businesses have once again had to pivot and adapt their responses. 

To ensure that your small business is digitally optimized, ask yourself the following questions: 

Is my small business website up-to-date? 

Keeping your customers informed - updating hours, temporary closures or interrupted services - on your website is extremely important. You can create pop-ups, banners, pages, and sections across your website to further reflect any information or announcements related to COVID. For instance, informing customers on how your business has adapted to COVID-19 sanitation and social distancing requirements.

Here is an example of a COVID-19 pop-up infographic that our client Fresh Success Marketing Group to tell their clients what they are doing to stay safe: https://www.freshsuccessmarketinggroup.com/


Are my Google and Google Map listings up-to-date?

Your local business should have a presence on Google Maps! It's amazing how many people are aware of the closures, limited hours and interactions but still want to support smaller businesses. Make sure you keep this in mind when updating your information so customers can find out more about what they need from you without hassle. 
In this time of economic uncertainty, it is more important than ever to make your business stand out from the competition. The right SEO practices can help you achieve that goal and ensure customers find YOU during these tough times!

Webware can help you check over these strategies to make sure they are up-to date with today’s standards, as well discuss procedures on how best to position yourself within search engine rankings so clients easily discover YOUR service/product offerings when looking around online;  this will surely increase visibility across all platforms including social media sites such Facebook Twitter, etc..

Below is an example of Lumina Eye Care, effectively optimizing their Google My Business listing during the pandemic.https://bit.ly/3FWS8HE


Have I maintained or even started my Social Media Presence?

What should your business be doing on social media during the pandemic?

If you don't have a presence yet, now is a good time to start. If already established, keep things consistent and provide regular updates about what's going on at the office/the shop so that customers know there are no worries while they stay home!

You should make it a point to post at least once every week on the platforms of your choice. Whether you're Instagramming, blogging,  chatting with Facebook followers, or posting videos to YouTube - even Twitter or LinkedIn may be worth posting to regularly! And don't forget about TikTok: this app is bigger than many people know.

Webware can help get you started and stay connected with your customers, just like how our customer ARYA Accounting and Tax Services has posted an answer to their clients about the 2022 Tax year: https://www.aryatax.com/blogs/los-angeles-chicago-tax-accountants-preparers-bookkeepers-blog/772322-will-the-2022-income-tax-season-be-normal#.YeoleFjMK3I


Have I kept my email list alive and informed?

It is just as important to nurture your existing clients as it is to attract new ones. Use email marketing for customers so you can make sure to keep them updated about any changes that are happening in the pandemic and how it will affect their interactions with your business moving forward! A good strategy would involve sending out emails with Covid-19 updates, tips, discounts, promotions or deals and blog posts related specifically around this topic. 

At Webware part of our digital marketing strategy for our clients is to set them up with an easy-to-use email marketing tool that is available right on their website dashboard. As well as being able to personalize email deliveries resulting in higher open rates, our platform provides regular performance insights to see how your email campaigns are succeeding. 

We can help with all of your small business digital marketing needs. If you are already a Webware client, please contact your Account Manager to discuss a variety of ways to help your business adapt your online presence during Covid-19 or click here for customer support https://www.webware.io/pages/support or contact your Account Manager directly. 

If you are a small business owner that is looking for Digital Marketing Done For You with a platform that gives your business a web presence that you are proud of without the headache that you are used to, then click here to set up an instant demo of what Webware can do for your business. https://www.webware.io/pages/instantdemo