Tag Your Products!

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged Webware updates

Start Tagging Your Products!

We’re on a roll here at  Webware HQ and we’re banging out features faster than you can handle it! :)

Today we’re launching a very useful feature called Product Tags. A product tag is essentially a keyword assigned to a product. They can describe a property of your product which can then be used to sort groups of products into “smart collections”, enable product specific coupons, and more.  It’s pretty awesome!

Using Tags to Create Collections

Collections are groupings of products, it’s how you organize your products to be displayed in your online store.  In your Webware, you can create “smart” collections using filters, such as a common product tag.  Just tag all the products with the same tag, like “Hair”, and you can create a smart collection around all products tagged with “Hair”.

Using Tags in Coupons

A Discount Coupon is an effective marketing tactic to generate more sales and move merchandise.  You can create a coupon for your entire store, or If you have a specific product or products you wish to discount, you can use a product tag-based coupon to do this.

Just create a common tag for all the products you wish to include, such as “SummerSale”, and you can create a coupon specifically for products with tag equal to “SummerSale”.

You can add tags to your products when adding or editing a product in your Webware’s Admin Workspace.

To learn more about uses for product tags, read our support section articles:

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Start using product tags in your Webwaretoday!