PowerStores is now Webware

By Sarah York | | Tagged Announcements, Webware team

We are proud to announce that PowerStores is now Webware. 

For our customers and partners, rest assured that nothing will change. We still provide the best platform to suit all of the online needs of a business, including website content management, e-commerce and online payments, blog, social media, and more. We will continue to offer both a do-it-yourself option and a do-it-for-you service, to give you the flexibility to choose what works best for you.

Why the change from PowerStores? 

We started as PowerStores, offering a DIY e-commerce solution. The name “PowerStores” implies e-commerce only, and we create much more than just online stores. Many of the sites we build and host are for businesses such as clinics, hair salons, and interior designers - businesses who do not have a requirement to sell online.

In addition, through listening to our customers, we learned that DIY website platforms don't work for the average small business owner; they are difficult to build, more time-consuming than anticipated, and rarely produce the quality of website the business expects. Not to mention, a website is only one component of a successful digital strategy. Webware offers services to help our customers maintain a strong online presence, long after their initial website is live.

The name “Webware.io” reflects the company we have evolved into, and it's a brand that speaks to all our customers. 

What is Webware?

Webware means tools to help navigate the fast-paced, ever-evolving internet. 

Our new brand describes the functionality and diversity of our product plus services team. Webware’s easy-to-use, web-based tools provide small businesses with everything they need to be successful online. 

The took-kit includes: design and setup of content or commerce websites, embedded services to enhance websites (like designing a logo, a banner image, product updates, etc), a blogging tool, loyalty program, and extensive list of add-on marketing/SEO packages. 

The Webware team looks forward to continuing to help small businesses thrive in the new digital space. From easy-to-use technology and quality-built websites, to affordable services with exceptional customer service - Webware’s toolkit continues to be small businesses' best all-in-one online solution. 

Cory York
Co-founder, CEO