Webware Announces Integration with US Postal Service and Canada Post

By Sara Cabral | | Tagged Webware updates

Webware.io is now integrated with both the US Postal Service and Canada Post, the most convenient delivery service options for businesses in the US or Canada. Webware customers now have access to either USPS or Canada Post’s shipping service right from their Webware workspace.

This will ease the process of shipping orders for our American and Canadian merchants. Now as a Webware merchant, you can both fulfill and track orders right from your Webware workspace, and have the confidence that your shipping rates are correct and matching your own costs for shipping. 

The correct USPS or Canada Post shipping rate will be automatically integrated into your customer’s shopping cart during checkout, based on the weight of the items and the zip/postal code entered. This shipping rate includes delivery fees and pickup fees.

Activating your postal carrier within your Webware website makes shipping easier and streamlines your e-commerce process. Simplify your shipping today – get started now!

Learn how to set up this feature for your Webware website:

Merchants in USA – US Postal Service setup

Merchants in Canada – Canada Post setup