Utilizing & Navigating Tik Tok as a Digital Marketing Tool


Written by Jazmine Lende

Are you a Gen X confused by social media platforms and how you can use them in the digital market? Or a Millennial trying to start up your first small business with no knowledge of where to start with digital marketing? 

At Webware we believe in educating our clients, to provide you with the knowledge to reach your goals, because our goal is helping you achieve yours! Starting this week, we are going to provide you with a weekly series of blog posts to help you understand various social media platforms and how you can use them to digitally market your business. 

So, let’s chat about the controversial yet effective app that has taken charge of 2021: Tik Tok! 

What is Tik Tok? 

Whether you're 25 or 55, Tik Tok is a social media platform you’ve probably heard of that’s taking the world by storm with over 800 million users reaching over 150 markets, making it the perfect platform to promote small businesses. The objective is to share 15-60 second videos, however, once you become a Tik Tok user there are inevitable descents down the rabbit hole. You can begin watching a short video about the latest dance craze and forty-five minutes later it evolves into, "Honey I know what we're having for dinner!" 

One of the many features Tik Tok has to offer are its effects! Fall into a colourful trance with Tunnel Lights. There are tons of other filters as well that can improve not only the quality of your videos, but the virality of it as well. The social media’s algorithm works to connect users based on their video’s content and target audience, which makes it a great tool for digital marketing. 

Here are the Top 3 ways of using Tik Tok to promote your business:

 1. Create a channel where you can upload videos that advertise your product or services that will reach your target audience’s “for you page” (also known as #fyp) Content can be created with a low budget. Save your money on paying for ads and stick to trending hashtags that apply to your business i.e., if you’re a hairstylist starting up a new business try approaching a challenge that’s hair related. Also, having a continuous, positive, brand image never hurts! Differentiate yourself from the competition. 

2. Utilize hashtags in your video descriptions that competitors are using to build a following that is interested in your niche content. There is no shame in checking out your competitors' strategies. In fact, master their successful digital strategy and make it your own! The best way to be successful is beating your competition at their own game. 

3. Influencer marketing is huge on Tik Tok. Try to reach out to micro influencers and utilize them and their ‘clout’ to market your content to a wider audience. Don’t feel discouraged if you get no responses, continue to message and duet their content; persistence is key. Influencers understand Tik Tok’s tools and trends inside and out. Use that to your advantage and approach influencers to collaborate with you. Tik Tok also has a Creator Marketplace designed to match brands with creators based on common interests and content.

Stay tuned for next week’s blog giving you step-by-step instructions on how to create a small business profile on Tik Tok, how to edit your profile and how to navigate the app. As well, we will provide you with some specific tips and tricks to help keep your content engaging so you can attract more customers! 

If you have any questions, or need more guidance, feel free to reach out to melissa@webware.io

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