The Ultimate Website Re-design Checklist


Written by Webware

A website re-design is important if you want to grow your business in today’s market.

Your website is not generating the leads and revenue you want? It's time for an update!

Websites change and evolve over time. 10 years ago, your website might have been considered top-notch but in this day of Google's infinite shelf life for content; it'll be obsolete before you know it.

A website redesign includes changes to your website's content, structure, design, coding, and overall navigation.

Doing this might be a bigger investment but it is well worth it considering the increase in exposure and sales.

Here is a simple checklist to navigate you through the decision-making process:

  • Does your website appear on Google Search when looking for your service in your area? (Example: Accounting firm in Toronto)
  • Do you get 3-5 calls/week through your website?
  • Does your website’s look reflect your business brand?
  • Do your website pages load quickly?
  • Is it difficult to find information that visitors might be looking for?
  • Are your pages optimized for mobile use?
  • Do your target specific keywords in your content?
  • Is the service you offer easy to understand?
  • Are pictures updated?
  • Does your website have blogs and useful information?
  • Is it easy to call or email you through your website?

If 2-3 are un-checked we highly recommend you tackle your website re-design.

But don’t feel overwhelmed just yet. is here to help and we are able to do all of this for you.

Our services include:


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Your website’s content management system is fully integrated with the rest of our toolkit systems to help give your customers a seamless experience. Having all of your systems in one place makes managing your brand strategy as simple as possible.

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