How to publish content that WINS

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Written by Webware

Are people really reading your content? Are you too busy to produce enough content & your content isn’t converting leads? Then this blog is for you!

Find out how to extend your reach by tapping into different platforms. Save time, maximize the value of the content you have created & convert leads faster.

Before creating your content, ask yourself, what challenges does my ideal customer/audience have and what solution can I provide to help them? Create content that is relevant to your audience and attract the right people for your business.

Let’s say you’re an accountant, one of your topics could be “10 Purchases You Didn't Know Were Tax Deductible” this would be helpful and establishes your credibility.

  1. Publish the content as a blog for your website. Have a clear call to action at the end of the blog and ask for the reader’s email address.

Examples would be: Sign up for our newsletter, download this helpful guide or book a consultation.

  1. Publish the same blog on LinkedIn.

  • Use LinkedIn’s integrated article publishing tool and copy&past the blog you just published on your website.

  1. Publish content to Youtube

  • Record a 5-15 minute video about the blog post topic & upload it to Youtube.

  • Add relevant keywords in the title and description and add a simple thumbnail (1280x720px).

  • Youtube has become one of the biggest Seach Engines and will promote the video for you.

  1. Now publish that same video on Facebook.

  • We recommend uploading the video directly to Facebook, do not use the Youtube link. Facebook doesn’t like YouTube links and is not going to push your post. 

  • Use the same description and title you used for Youtube and make sure you ask people to share it.

  1. Publish content to Instagram & TikTok)

  • Cut that same video into 10-60 second clips and publish them as reels.

  • For that use the same description and add 3-5 relevant hashtags that are related to the content of the video. 

  • Repeat the same process for TikTok as well.

  • You can also create a quick post summarizing your main points and share that on Instagram and Facebook as well.

  1. Publish a Client Newsletter

  • Send out a newsletter to your clients introducing your new blog content

  • Add a link to the blog

  • Include a link to the Youtube video as well specialized in content creation and would LOVE to help your business succeed online. 

Our services are going to help you find relevant topics, and create a newsletter and blogs FOR YOU.

We know running a business is busy and our mission is to buy back your time, grow sales and simplify your business.

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