Turn Leads Into Customers

Know who to call next! This game-changing feature sets us apart from our competitors by providing valuable insights into which potential clients are engaged with your content and ready for your call.

Faster Conversion

Gone are the days of cold calling and sending endless follow-up emails to unresponsive leads. Our Hotlist helps you save time and resources by focusing on the most promising leads, increasing the chances of turning them into actual clients.

How it works

Our Hotlist works by tracking the engagement of potential clients with your content. When a lead engages with your content, such as by clicking on a link, downloading a lead magnet, or watching a video. Our Hotlist takes note of that engagement and begins tracking their level of interest in your business.

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Our CEO and Co-Founder, Cory York, introduces this unmatched feature that sets us apart from our competitors.

Watch the video

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