Please visit your site’s dashboard to setup your “Stripe Connect” by following the steps below:


Go to www.YOURWEBSITE.com/admin


Username: (Enter your Username Here)
Password: (Enter your Password Here)
NOTE: If you are having trouble with your login, contact us using “Live Support” on your App’s Dashboard.


Once logged in, on the left side of the menu, select “Invoices”


Click on “Signup for Stripe Connect” (as shown in the attached photo) to be redirected to Stripe to either log in to your existing Stripe account OR create a NEW Stripe Account, if you don't have one already.

Note: If you select to create a NEW Stripe account, you will need to provide your current banking details for your business.


After logging in (or creating your account), you'll be redirected back to your Website's dashboard and all your current/previous invoices from Stripe should now be visible and managed from here.


You are now done with this Step! Please mark this as “Completed” to proceed


Once the account has been connected we can start creating invoices using the “Add Invoice” button, as shown in the image.


You can select either an existing user or add a new customer from the drop-down, as shown in the image.


Next, select a “due date” for the invoice.


Select either an existing “Product” from the selection dropdown OR “Add New Product” to create a new product in Stripe for that particular client account. Refer to the image.


As per the image below, you now have to select the “Tax rate” (and add any notes if required).


After selecting the “Tax Rate”, you will see that the calculations are handled on the side.


Once you are done editing the invoice, you can select “Save as a draft”, and you will see the “Finalize” button.


Note: You can edit your invoice multiple times when it’s in “draft mode”. So when you create an invoice, you should “Save it as a draft” and ONLY “Finalize” it only when you are sure we are ‘done’ with editing. Once you finalize an invoice, you CAN NOT edit it


After the invoice is “Finalized” we get an option to “Download the invoice PDF” to preview it.


Note: This PDF Invoice Download is generated by Stripe.


The “Finalize” button should now display as “Send”, when ready, you can select this to send it to your customer!


Note: Finalization can happen only once which is why the option changes to send. But a user can send the invoice multiple times as a reminder.


Once you click “Send” an email goes out to the customer you had selected and the email goes out from ‘Stripe’. Your customer has to pay for the invoice using a Stripe link which goes out with the email (as shown in the image).


Your customer will get a link to a page where they have to enter their card details on a secure Stripe URL. Once the user pays for the invoice they get an email from Stripe for confirmation. That is the end of the cycle.


Once an invoice is paid the send button is also removed based on the “status” of the invoice and the status changes to “paid”, as shown in the image