Harley is your AI-powered personal assistant to help you build your website and grow sales. Chat with Harley over email to complete the initial setup of your website. Once your website is up and running, she will continue to be your point of contact as you manage and grow your website. No logging in. No useless dashboard. Just Harley.

Ask Harley...

Can you design a banner for me?

Can you update the inventory of a product for me?

Can you change my Home Page to Red?

How's my website traffic this week vs last week? ( coming soon)

regular updates

Harley sends regular updates on Key Performance Indicators like:

  • visitors count

    visitors count

    How many visits you had this week
    vs last week
  • Bounce Rate

    Bounce Rate

    Bounce rate, where your traffic is
    coming from
  • website performance

    website performance

    How you are doing compared to
    your competitors

everyone Needs Harley

She is available via e-mail, soon Slack for teams!