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Staples USA Logo

Webware’s partnership with Staples USA is primed to disrupt the American website market and make it easier than ever for small businesses and entrepreneurs to leverage the digital channels to build their business. As part of the partnership, we will be launching the initial pilot in Massachusetts, New York State, and Illinois. We will be launching nationally across their 1,255 stores throughout the USA in July. Staples store associates will refer clients interested in leveraging the digital space to Webware so that together, we can take their business to a new level.

Google Logo

Webware’s digital marketing services are trusted by Google to get businesses more visibility and traction online. As a member of the Google Partners Program, Webware will be offering expert adword marketing services and support as a premium product. In addition, Webware will have exclusive access to Adwords promotional offers, specializations, events, and more.

Staples Canada Logo

Webware has announced a partnership with Staples Canada that is revolutionizing the Canadian website market - making it easier than ever for small businesses and entrepreneurs to leverage the digital channels to build their business. Through this partnership, Staples store associates simply refer interested clients to Webware for a customized online strategy. Taking your business to a new level – together.

Webware has partnered with Leyton, an International innovation funding consultancy helping Canadian companies improve their business performance by accessing multiple government incentives like the CanExport program.

CanExport allows small and medium-sized companies to access up to $75,000 in funding related to international market development activities. The program covers 75% of export marketing costs for both products and services in international markets where a company has little or no sales. The program accepts applications all year round and is open to any industry.


Webware has partnered with WorkIz, an all-in-one Field Service Management platform that provides a better way to schedule jobs, book appointments online, and manage quotes, invoices, and payments. Workiz uniquely offers a full communication platform and a built-in phone system that allows customers to instantly communicate with their clients at all times. Their customer base includes field & home service businesses and nationwide franchises in plumbing, HVAC, appliance repair, junk removal, locksmith, pest control, and more!


Webware formed a strategic partnership with OneSeven to ensure its clients and prospects have a trusted source for software design and development. Their 7 services help startups through every stage of the product development lifecycle and provide valuable, tangible deliverables each step of the way. By breaking up projects into these smaller services, you have the freedom to go at your own pace and never over commit. They know first hand how complicated and unpredictable it can be to start and grow a business, so they’ve designed their team to be a full service partner for both technical and non-technical founders.


Webware has partnered with Paragon Advertising & Communications, a full-service agency located in the Greater Cincinnati area. Paragon has established lasting relationships with countless media networks and stations across the country. They manage all contracts, renewals, negotiate rates, and ensure customers are not billed for any programming that does not air correctly. Most importantly, Paragon finds the best markets/placements for your message and the results you are seeking. They have expertise in a number of areas enabling them to satisfy the different needs of a wide variety of clients.


Webware has partnered with RainTech Digital Marketing, to provide their customers with access to additional online marketing services. RainTech provides small and medium sized companies with access to lead generating services such as PPC and social media advertising, content marketing, call tracking, and more.


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